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Computing Science



Computing Science

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Shawlands Academy has a busy, innovative Computing Science department.  The Computing Department is  part of the Faculty of Technologies - Mr P McGrory is the Faculty Head.

The Computing Staff are Mrs J Crooks (Chartered Teacher) and Mr  M Faisal We offer a range of courses, from  ICT in S1 right up to National Qualifications in Computing Science in years five and six.  International Education has been introduced into S1 through eTwinning.

These courses are designed to meet the needs of youngsters preparing for life and work in the 21st Century. National Qualification courses are studied from S3 on. The department has modern resources to enhance Teaching & Learning. These include the use of  SmartBoards and digital projectors, which allow interaction  with the Computer`s desktop, making explanations of tasks much easier.


S3 National 4 and 5 Computing Science - Revision Powerpoints and Homework Help

Networks & Communications
Networks lesson 1
Networks lesson 2
Peer to Peer and Client Server
Networks lesson 3
Cloud Computing
Information Systems
User Interfaces


More about Databases  
 Input, Output and Backing Storage  
Processor Structure  
Types of Computer  
Floating Point Representation  
Storing Graphics  
Operating Systems  
Interpreters and Compilers
Internet Technologies
 Cloud Computing

 S4 Revision Powerpoints

Floating Point
Storing Text
Storing Graphics
Storing Grpahics (2)
Processor Structure
Types of Computer
Input, Output and Backing Storage Devices
Operating Systems
Interpreters and Compilers
Checklist for End of Topic Test

 What is a Network?

Connecting Your Network

Internet Technologies

Peer to Peer and Client Server

Cloud Computing

 N5 Computing Science - Revision in a Nutshell

N5 Computing Science - Complete Course Revision



 Advanced Higher Computing Resources

Unit 1 - Software Development  
  Chapter 1 SD Process
  Chapter 2 Interface Design
  Chapter 3 Languages & Environments
  Chapter 4 Testing & Tools
  Chapter 5 File Handling
  Chapter 6 Data Structures
  Chapter 7 Standard Algorithms
Unit 2 - Developing a Software Solution Project Step by Step
   Project Design
Unit 3 - Computer Architecture Chapter 1 Computer Structure
  Chapter 2 Processor Structure
  PCI and DMA
  Chapter 3 Processor Function
  Chapter 4 Processor Performance
  Chapter 5 Processor Development
  Chapter 6 Operating System Functions
  Chapter 7 Operating System Developments





 Higher Computing Science- Revision Powerpoints and Notes


Click HERE to download Powerpoint File from Easter Study 2012(Coding Questions)

Useful Weblinks for Computing Science

 Bitesize Revision

Revision for Standard Grade, Int 1, Int 2 and Higher









Memory and Backing Storage (on-line activity)