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Health and Food Technology

Home Economics

Principal Teacher: Ms J Speirs


Health and Food Technology is a subject area that teaches essential and important life and vocational skills through practical experience as well as through studying relevant topics.


S3 Option Choices:            National 4 Health and Food Technology

Purpose of the course:

The aims of the course are to allow pupils to develop practical and technological skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed food and consumer choices.

The course uses a practical and problem solving approach to develop knowledge, understanding and practical skills. The course uses real-life situations; taking account of local, cultural and media influences and technological innovations.

Who will benefit from studying this course?

The H + FT course will attract pupils who have an interest in health, food and consumer issues. It will particularly appeal to pupils who learn through practical activity and have an ability to link theory to practise.

The flexible style and content of the course will be attractive to a variety of pupils.

The knowledge and transferable skills developed in the course will prepare pupils for life and employment.

The knowledge of dietary needs and awareness of consumer choices and consumer rights will encourage pupils to develop positive attitudes towards their own and others’ health and food choices. The skills developed in the course will allow pupils to work both independently and collaboratively and transfer these skills to life and employment.

Skills that will be developed

·       Technological skills related to food production

·       Organisational skills

·       Problem solving

·       Food preparation skills


Progression Routes

The natural progression route in secondary school would provide progression to Health and Food Technology National Five, followed by Health and Food Technology Higher and Advanced Higher Awards. These could then progress to various degree programmes at many universities.

The course also progresses to other qualifications in Health and Food Technology, Hospitality, Training and Employment.

Employment Opportunities

Possible employment opportunities include:

·       Lifestyle and Consumer Technology

·       Health Education Advisor

·       Consumer Advisor / Trading Standards Officer

·       Environmental Health Officer

·       Factory Inspector

·       Teacher: Secondary Consumer and Health Studies

·       Dietician

·       Marketing Manager

·       Food Scientist / Food Technologist

·       Nursery Nurse

·       And more


Health and Food Technology N4 Course Content

Health and Food Technology: Food for Health

·       Knowledge of health and nutrition

·       Dietary needs and advice

·       Lifestyle choices and their impact on health

·       Food preparation skills


Health and Food Technology: Food Product Development

·       Activities that demonstrate functional properties of food and its uses

·       Design, create and evaluate product solutions to meet specified needs


Health and Food Technology: Contemporary Food Issues

·       Develop knowledge and understanding of current factors affecting food

·       Lifestyle and wider consumer choice


Health and Food Technology: Added Value Unit

·       Pupils will apply the skills they have learned to produce a solution to an appropriately challenging dietary requirement problem. This will take the form of  an assessed project

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