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Shawlands Academy is an ethnically diverse secondary school in the south side of Glasgow and has a roll of 1250 pupils. Started in January 2007, the Shawlands Dance Group project was begun without the support of funding. The Group continues to be self funded and is integrated into the School’s Active Sports programme.
The aim of our group was to bring together pupils from ages of 12 -18 and of different cultural backgrounds to participate in an activity, which they enjoy doing, to help them to keep fit and incorporating the schools ethos in celebrating diversity within our community. I strongly believe that it helps them to gain confidence, self esteem, motivational team skills, have empathy for each others’ needs and to have them engaged in a worthwhile leisure activity.
Our Group
Our group consists of separate girls’ groups as well as a boy’s group. The children from different cultural backgrounds (Turkish, Somalian, Pakistani, Indian, South African, Sri Lankian and other European, etc) and religions (Muslim, Christian, Hindu, etc). We also have children with special needs. The workshop is held 3 times a week in the school and consists mainly of Street Dance with a hint of Latin and Bhangra. All workshops are taught by Ms Abbasi. Some of the children are extremely talented and feel a great sense of pride in working in teams with other children new to the world of dance, thus being positive role models for them.
In October 07, The Dance Group won 1st place with an International Award from “United by Sports” for doing an activity which, integrates children from different backgrounds and brings the community together. Our Group won a cheque for 500 Euros, this money was used to buy more resources to improve ways in which we can provide for the pupils.   We have had 7 successful School Shows, various other performances (set out in the timeline below) and a performance for an HMIe event in the Crowne Plaza which was recognised by a delegate of Obama’s creative art’s team. We also believe in rewarding the children for all their hard work, money that is made through shows has been used to take them on a trip to Blackpool last June, had costumes bought for performances and plan to take them on another outing in January 2010.
We are very passionate about what we do and believe what they learn with the group - to be disciplined enough to learn dance - is something they will be able to incorporate into the school curriculum and be able to use this in future life. This can only be an asset to them.
Shawlands Academy is an International School therefore have children that are at different stages of learning English. We believe that dance is a universal language, which allows children to communicate no matter what language they speak.
Being a part of the Dance Group give children a tremendous sense of achievement and the confidence to continue to lead into healthy lifestyle as well as a positive outlook to life.
Ms Abbasi will be working with youth groups down south but will continue to fully support the group, choreograph and organise future events with the help of Mr Din, Mrs Kelly and ex pupil Saher Hussain.




 January 07

Set up Shawlands Dance Group. Initially Street Dance Girls Club.
April 07
Set up Boys club

 June 07 (1st School Show)

Shawlands Academy Dance Show Extravaganza.


Girls diversify into other dance styles e.g.Latin, bhangra.

October 07
Won the Zeitbuild “United by Sports” Competition for the U.K.
November 07

Visit to Berlin

December 12th

Invited to perform in an International Event with the eTwinning project.

December 18th   07 (School Show)
Shawlands Academy
Christmas/Eid Show Extravaganza.
2 shows - Pupils and Public/parents     
February 08
1. Performances in the SECC at the World Sufi Festival in conjunction with Awaz FM.
2. Hampden School Festival.  
June 08
1. Shawlands Academy Dance Show Extravaganza with presenters by Awaz fm
2. Performance for for the Director of Education from Pakistan
3. Southside Festival
November 08
Annette St Primary performance.
December 16th 08 (School Show)
Shawlands Academy
Christmas/Eid Show Extravaganza
with presenters by Awaz fm.
March 09
Performance at School Fashion Show.
May 23rd 09
Southside Festival
June 09
1. Display for health week at Wellshot Primary
2. Flofest
3. Mugdoch Music festival
4. Summer School Show presented by Awaz fm
November 09
1. HMIe event in the Crowne Plaza.
2. Display at a retrial event for a member of the International team
December 09
1. Shawlands Arcade
2. George’s Square
3. School show with a tribute to Michael Jackson presented by Desi Fusion (7th school show).
January 2010
1. School show for friends and parents presented by Shazia from Awaz fm(7th school show).
2. Performance for Evening Times Community Champions Awards. The group won the Young persons award