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Video and Audio Clip Resources

Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips

Find the best clips to fit your lesson. Find the sequence you want, then stream it straight into your classroom to stimulate, engage, or to deliver a specific learning point.

View interactive 360 degree panoramas by holding the mouse button down and dragging the panorama in any direction.  The archive contains more than 200 fullscreens published since February 2002.

Over 1500 videos covering all subjects in the curriculum.

British Pathé

Preview items from the entire 3500 hour British Pathé Film Archive which covers news, sport, social history and entertainment from 1896 to 1970.

Access this site in school to receive the content free of charge.



LTS 5-14 Illustrations and Photos


National archive of geological photographs


Audios, Videos, Documents, Educational Projects  and more! All uploaded from teachers worldwide


BBC Learning Scotland

Many resources including a large selection of educational video clips from the BBC