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Enterprise and Employability

Enterprise and Employability



 Shawlands Academy is able to provide an excellent experience of Enterprise and Employability to all its pupils at all stages. Ms Rabia Baber is our Enterprise and Employability Officer.


Employability and Enterprise at Shawlands Academy covers a wide range of topics and is delivered in a number of ways. Most employability initiatives and projects will support the learning achieved in class, enhancing the pupils understanding of the links between school and the world of work/ further education. One of the main aims of the employability remit is to increase the opportunities for all pupils leaving school and going into employment, college, university or other positive destinations.



Although Enterprise and Employability is not seen as a traditional timetabled subject its role is one of equal importance in the learning and teaching that goes at Shawlands Academy. Graham Donaldson, former HM Senior Chief Inspector;


“In October 2004, I suggested that a key objective for enterprise in education was to exert its influence, sometimes in subtle ways, across the breadth of the curriculum”. Foreword, Improving Enterprise in Education, 2008


This influence across the curriculum allows Enterprise and Employability to be taught in a variety of ways at all levels. In the ‘Skills for Scotland – A Lifelong Skills Strategy’ paper published 2007 by Scottish Government it is suggested;


“Schools must, of course, equip young people with high levels of literacy and numeracy and ICT because, without these, the development of other skills is compromised…. We need to continue to create an enterprising culture in our schools and make the link between the classroom and the workplace so young people see the relevance of their learning. We need to maintain our focus on developing young people’s enterprise and entrepreneurial skills and attitudes so we create in them an appetite for innovation, ambition and wealth creation”.



Again this creation of an enterprising culture is something that Shawlands Academy strives to achieve and one in which it is always improving. Improving the employability of our students will ensure our students move into a destination of their choice so that they can play an active part in our community and beyond.


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 Click on the link below to read the employability blog for one of our former pupils, Umy Amin. Umy is currently completing a Modern Apprenticeship with Glasgow City Council.