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Parent Teacher Council Meeting recent minutes for 2018/19 

PARENT TEACHER COUNCIL Agenda September 2nd 2019

PARENT TEACHER COUNCIL Minutes 29th April 2019

PARENT TEACHER COUNCIL Minutes 4th March 2019

PARENT TEACHER COUNCIL Minutes 4th February 2019

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AGM Minutes, 8th October 2018

Shawlands Academy Parent Teacher Council (PTC) works with the school to improve the education and welfare of all young people at Shawlands Academy and specifically to help:

·        create a welcoming school, inclusive for all our young people and their families / carers;

·        promote partnership between the school, pupils and parents;

·        represent the views of parents / carers on the education provided by the school and other matters affecting the education and welfare of the pupils; and, to

·        develop and engage in activities to support the education and welfare of pupils.


The Parent Teacher Council (PTC) discuss items that relate to the school as a whole or years groups – not issues regarding individual young people. It can and does raise issues on behalf of parents / carers as well as representing the view of parents’ to Glasgow City Council and local Councillors. 


ALL Parents are welcome to attend ALL PTC meetings; you can ask the PTC to discuss particular issues (not ones related to individual young people however) or come along and speak to it (by pre-informing the Secretary).  The PTC aims to be as open and accessible as possible to all parents / carers of young people at Shawlands Academy.


The PTC is run by parents and parent members hold the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary positions.  These roles are elected annually at the meeting of the Parent Forum (PTC AGM), which is usually held in October.  Every parent and carer of young people at Shawlands Academy is automatically a member of the Parent Forum.  



Parent Members (2018 -19)


Chair – Derrick Wright

Secretary – Patricia Hunter

Treasurer - Lesley Turan

Alison Ramage

Ann Downie

Angus Brown

Craig Thomson

Jane Wright


Parent Members (cont.)

Claire Roberts

Stephanie Summers

Helen Wallace

Katherine Bell

Janet Napthine

Simon Knight




Staff members      

Mrs Ann Grant, Head Teacher (PTC Adviser)
Mr Mark Symon




To contact the PTC, please email us at with any questions or issues you would like to be discussed by the PTC. All parents / carers are welcome at all PTC meetings. Meetings take place at 7.00pm in the Conference Room the (unless otherwise advised).


The PTC publishes Minutes of its meetings and each year the Chair and Treasurer produce a report to the Parent Forum for its information and approval.



 Click to download the Shawlands Academy PTC Constitution