Glasgow City Council Welcome to Shawlands Academy

Governance Review

" Shawlands Academy PTC has submitted the formal response to the Scottish Governments consultation on "Empowering teachers, parents and communities to achieve excellence and equity in education: A Governance Review" . The main themes of the PTC's response on behalf of parents are as follows:

- proposed increased in direct funding to schools is welcomed , but will the overall funding for schools increase?

- avoid making any increased direct funding bureaucratic to administer

- making the current governance around education delivery more transparent and effective is the preferred model instead of adding another national / regional body

- the current strong accountability link between parents , schools and local authorities ( through elected councillors) should be retained and re-inforced.

- bringing back business managers at a school level would help increase the time teachers have to teach pupils

-  the survey should have been written in clearer , simpler language. to allow parents and others a greater opportunity to engage

The PTC's full responses to the 17 questions are in the attached document. This has also been shared with Glasgow Parent Council Forum to allow other parents to help form their submission.

The link to the Scottish Government website includes the consultation document itself and also provides the opportunity for any parent to complete the survey. It is our opportunity to contribute to the debate and I would encourage all parents to participate. The deadline for submission is 6 Jan 2017. "