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The personnel of the Physics Department

Mr. B. Milmore (Principal Teacher of Physics), Mr. E. McGuire, Mrs J Hegarty and Mr. J McCormack (Probationer).


S1-S2: As part of the overall Science Department, an integrated Science course is taught in the early years. Different sections of work cover different aspects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and offer to pupils a broad base of Science knowledge which can be developed in later years.

S3-S4: In Third Year pupils choose to either do a broad, general Science course, which can be assessed at Foundation, General or Credit levels as appropriate, or can choose to do a number of discrete Science courses, of which one is Standard Grade Physics.

The Standard Grade Physics course consists of seven sections of work, including, for example, Telecommunications, Using Electricity and Space Physics. At the end of Fourth Year, this course is assessed at General and Credit level by the national Scottish Qualifications Authority examinations.

A future development in Physics is expected to be that an Intermediate I course in Physics will be offered to Third Year pupils as an alternative to general Science. This development has been piloted in a number of schools within the authority and has been seen as a interesting and successful development.

S5-S6: In Fifth Year, depending on previous qualifications gained, pupils can opt to do Intermediate I Physics, Intermediate II Physics or Higher Physics. In Sixth Year pupils can in addition opt to do Advanced Higher Physics.

The most common course taken is Higher Grade Physics. This consists of three units of work; Mechanics and Properties of Matter, Electricity and Electronics, and Radiation and Matter. In common with the other courses offered, each unit has an end of topic assessment, which is done in class, and an experimental report "write- up", which both must show a relevant degree of competence in order for that unit to be passed, and subsequently awarded to the candidate. An end of year SQA exam is also sat, and appropriate grades awarded, for example, A, B or C, by the SQA.

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