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The Staff:

Presently, there are 5 highly motivated and enthusiastic Biology teachers at Shawlands Academy. While we are proud of the academic achievements of our students, we are never complacent about them and are constantly striving to improve our Biology teaching. We work as a close team and try to combine all our individual skills to make learning as informative, innovative and interesting as possible.


We are also part of the larger Science Faculty and have close associations with both the Physics and Chemistry Departments. 


As an individual Department and part of the larger Science Faculty, we offer the widest range of courses, from Science in years 1 and 2 right up to National Qualifications in both Biology and Science in years five and six. These courses are designed to meet the needs and abilities of our students.


Courses Offered:

During years 1 and 2 all pupils undertake a common Science course while in years 3 and 4, Intermediate 1 or alternatively, Standard Grade Biology can be studied at General and Credit levels with the opportunity to progress to Intermediate 2, Higher Grade Biology or Higher Human Biology and Advanced Higher Biology. These qualifications also allow access to one of the other Science subjects in years 5 and 6.


In addition to the normal Biology and Science courses taught in Scottish schools, as part of an International School, we have been involved in a number of projects and visits with schools in other countries thus enriching the learning experience of both staff and students.



The science and technology block is around 30 years old, however it has been extensively modernised and as well as the usual classrooms the science area has a greenhouse and a teacher/student study area.


The Biology Department is well equipped with modern resources. These include up-to-date audio-visual equipment, computers, and multimedia projectors. We also have an extensive collection of audio-visual materials and specialist software. This has allowed us to become a leader in introducing Information, Communication Technology into daily Science and Biology teaching while still retaining the strengths of traditional learning.


Pupil Materials

Higher Grade Revision - click on the filename to download

Body in action notes

World of plants notes

Animal survival notes

Biotech notes

Inheritance notes

Cell notes

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