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Creative and Aesthetic Subjects

Creative and Aesthetic

Mission Statement

 Ensure that young people of any culture, ability and level has the opportunity to be creative in as many ways possible and for this to be a positive and successful experience. To create, perform and respond positively to a wide variety of environmental and social stimulus and to achieve their best at all times.


Aims of the Creative & Aesthetic Department


1.       To provide the means whereby all young people develop an informed interest in The Arts in whatever way appeals to them- through Art, Drama & Music.


2.       To enrich the lives of our young people and to contribute to their personal, intellectual, social and cultural growth.


3.       To help young people develop creative, participating, enterprising, and successful life long learning skills.


4.        To develop individual and social abilities through creating and sharing their skills.


5.       To develop any skills and interests which will lead to a fuller enjoyment in The Arts.


6.       To encourage all young people with a varying range of abilities, to realise their full creative potential.


7.       To develop in young people a knowledge and understanding of the social, historic and environmental context of different styles of the Arts.



Shawlands Academy Creative & Aesthetic Staff

Faculty Head

Mrs Maria Kelly



Art Department

Kenny Morrison


Francis Diver


Lauren Rom


Susan Telford



Drama Department


Lesley McCann


Lorraine Johnstone



Music Department

Alison Gemmell


Paul O'Kane


John Guerrier                

Brass Instructor (0.4)

Jane Bodice

Violin Instructor (0.4)

Vijay Kangutar

Tabla Instructor (0.1)

Cheryl Kendall

Percussion Instructor (0.3)

Maya Burnam Roy

Lower Strings Instructor (0.4)

Lynn Harris

Woodwind Instructor (0.2)

Russell Truman

Voice Instructor (0.2)

Chris Devoti

Guitar Instructor (0.2)

Marion Robb

Piano/ KB Instructor (0.2)

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Drama Department Events List

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Useful Weblinks for Art and Design


Access Art resource site

Tate Gallery Resources for pupils

National Gallery of Scotland

Useful Weblinks for Drama

Scottish Youth Theatre

The Stage

National Qualifications website            Online Resources for Drama

Useful Weblinks for Music

Scottish Schools Orchestra Trust

LTS Scotland Learn Listening online

Music Listening Revision