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Pupils study of Mathematics at this stage is structured within three main organisers within the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) framework:


* Number, Money and Measure

* Shape Position and Movement

* Information Handling.

The majority of pupils work at Level 3 CfE over S1/2, with extension in to Level 4 where appropriate.  At this stage the focus is for pupils to experience appropriate breadth, depth and challenge in their studies to better ensure progress in to higher levels of Mathematical learning.


To support your child at this level, resources are available in the Mathematics Resource Area (currently being updated). 


Pupils continue to follow programmes in classes that are broadly ‘set’. This means that classes are comprised of pupils with similar mathematical ability but still allows pupils to be extended or given support where appropriate.


The work is presented using a variety of teaching techniques and resources with the intention of stimulating interest in Mathematics.


The S1/2 mathematics course is designed to enable all pupils to cover the same topics of work at the same time but at a level appropriate to their own ability.


  • The course is split into five blocks of work each containing several different topics.
  • Each pupil is encouraged to do extension work when appropriate (See Mathematics Resource Area).
  • Pupils are assessed at the end of each block and their teacher monitors progress carefully.
  • In general, homework will be given once per week.


As classes are broadly set, the course is designed to facilitate whole class teaching but still provides opportunities for the pupils to work in groups and individually and in preparation for National Qualifications in S4.  Problem solving and non-calculator work plays an integral part of the course.


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Pupils at this stage prepare for and follow the new Curriculum for Excellence National Qualification courses.

The courses available are National 3 Lifeskills, National 4 Mathematics and National 5 Mathematics. 

 More information will be added as the website is updated.

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S5/6 Courses in Mathematics


 In S5 and S6 pupils will be able to continue their study of Mathematics within the National Qualification framework.

The recommended level of study will depend on the overall achievement at the end of S4. 

In general, a pupil is expected to obtain a good pass at the previous level to ensure progress on to the next level of National Qualifications.  

The current Mathematics courses offered to S5/6 pupils at Shawlands Academy are:


Personal Finance Award

National 4 Mathematics

National 5 Mathematics

Higher Mathematics

Advanced Higher Mathematics (S6 only)



The progression pathways between levels can be found here (MS Word document).


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Principal Teacher of Mathematics - Mr K Siknder