Glasgow City Council Welcome to Shawlands Academy

Welcome to Shawlands LGBT

Latest News: January 25th 2018: Shawlands Academy is awarded the LGBT Sliver Charter.

Latest News: March - Delighted to invite TIE (Time for Inclusive Education) into Shawlands Academy to deliver yeargroup assemblies.

For more information on TIE please visit their website (linked below)

Latest News: February - our Safer Sports Posters and Manifesto launched!

Latest News: February is LGBT history month and to commemorate it, the LGBT pupil group will be organising some fundraising activities during each Friday lunchtime of February in the fuel zone. Please feel free to come along!

Latest News: January 2017: 'Silence helps homophobia' video is going to be shown at assemblies starting week of 30th January. 


Planning on delivering any lessons relating to LGBT history month? may give you some ideas.  

Powerpoint produced by LGBT Youth Scotland (below) includes some ideas for various subject areas.