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S1 News 2012-2013



22nd August 2012


A warm welcome to our new intake of S1 students and their parents and carers. It has  been a wonderful first few days although a little muggy. S1 students are happy, cheerful, amazingly confident and looking very smart in their blazers .The large (40 plus) Senior Buddying Team are doing a fantastic job establishing an effective support network and excellent friendships. Many thanks to our S6 students for giving up their holiday time for training provided by one of working partners – Bridging the Gap.


We have posted our Welcome Assembly Power point  and this week’s assembly  too. Dates to notice are the Student Council elections which will take place on Friday and the call for helpers for the S1 Parent Information Evening. Last year we had a team of over 50 helpers who assisted in a range of activities such as


Primary 7 visits

Lepra fundraising activities

Welcoming international visitors

Focus groups with key managers in the Directorate

Commonwealth Tartan Launch

S1/S2 summer day trip

S1 Parents evenings


Shawlands Academy school community is intrinsically committed to ensuring that all S1 students have the opportunity to contribute to the whole school life and firmly believe they are the building blocks of the future of the school



Dates of interest and discussion for parents and carers are


Student Council election – Friday 24th August


Sports fair       - Thursday 25th August Assembly Hall – 12.15


School of Rugby start date – Wednesday 22nd  


S1 parent information evening Wednesday 5th September. We are looking for volunteers   from the whole of S1 to assist and for parents and carers to attend to meet senior staff and learn a little more about the school


As always we believe that communication between school and home is of the utmost importance so please do not hesitate to contact the DHT (S1) or support teachers if you have and queries or concerns


Best wishes


Cath Sinclair

S1 Welcome Powerpoint

S1 Assembly Powerpoint