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BBC News School Report Practice News Day


BBC News School report
 By Nicola
Hundreds of schools are taking part in BBC News School Report and Shawlands Academy is one of them. Our class was very lucky to get picked for this and we have been learning about making the news during class, as well as finding news to write articles on. It has been fun so far interviewing people, getting information and opinions for our articles.
Hard at work
This is our practice news day, the real news day is on the 22nd of March. For our real news day we hope to be getting video footage outside the school which is a big privilege for our class.
We looked previous year's projects including our own school's project from last year and we have a lot to live up to.
We would like to thank all of the teachers that helped us in our project especially Mrs Grant, Mr McBride, Mr Kane, Mr Forfar, Mrs Duff, Mr Smith, Mrs Gordon and Ms Duffy. We would also like to give special thanks to our BBC mentor Gillian Marles who gave us excellent advice and guidance to help us to be good journalists and reporters. 

You can read our reports below.  

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