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DofE Group

Shawlands Academy DofE Group is run by Mrs Thompson and Miss MacAlister assisted by Mr MacBride and Mr McGougan.

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Bronze completions 2010: Isaac Whitton, Elliott Smith, David Kane, Amy Halliday, Alex Murdoch, Faith Merriweather, Faith Pashley, Danial Shafique, Iain French, Raeesah Maqsood, Margaret Hughes, Kim Middleton and Emma Robertson

Bronze Completions 2011: Grace Harle, Antonia Lindsay, Laura Sinclair, Amy Nicholson, Isla Kempe, Youssef Hounat, Cal Donnelly, Ian Phillips, Jack Guariento, Rowanne Eaton Lee, Rowan Ross, Beth Nelis and Susan Phillips.

Silver Completions 2011: David Kane, Isaac Whitton, Faith Pashley, Faith Merriweather, Andrew Lees, Neil White, Danial Shafique, Raeesah Maqsood, Kim Middleton.

Where we are now.

19 new S3 pupils have just enrolled at Bronze.

25 S4 pupils have completed their Bronze expeditions so should achieve their awards in the next few months.

14 S5 / 6 pupils have completed their Silver expeditions (in very wet conditions!) and are currently working on their remaining sections.

10 S6 pupils have just enrolled in the Gold award.

The 2011 Gold Group


In order to ensure the health and safety of all participants it is essential that all pupils are aware of when expedition training sessions will be held and that pupils do not miss training without a valid excuse. Bronze training will be held on Tuesday afternoons from 4 - 5pm. This year's training schedule is available here.

Curriculum for Excellence

To see how the Duke of Edinburgh's Award fits in with a Curriculum for Excellence click here.

The DofE and Employers

See how much employers value the DofE here.

Expedition dates 2012

Gold Practice Expedition - March 23 - 28 (Includes travelling time)

Bronze Day Hike - March 10 

Gold Day Hike / Fundraiser - April 21 (Ben Nevis)

Bronze Practice Expedition - April 28 - 29 
Bronze Qualifying Expedition - May 31 - June 1 
Gold Qualifying Expedition will take place in June. Date depends on prom.
It is essential that young people are properly equipped for expditions. To download a copy of the Shawlands Academy Expedition Kit list, click here. 
Photos from Previous Expeditions

2011 Bronze
(22 images)

2011 Bronze Training
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2011 Silver
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Bronze Day Hike - April 25 2010
(10 images)

Bronze Practice 2010 - Auchengillan
(25 images)

S3 Bronze Qualifying 2009
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Silver Expeditions 2010
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