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Levi Tafari Visit



Levi Tafari joined staff and pupils today, leading a series of education workshops.

Mr Tafari is a poet, musician and director. He is the author of four critically acclaimed poetry collections: Duboetry, Liverpool Experience, Rhyme Don't Pay and From the Page to the Stage.

He was Writer in Residence at Charles University, Prague. He has also appeared in many television programmes including Blue Peter, Grange Hill, and made The Road to Zion, a film about Rastafarianism culture for BBC television's Everyman documentary series.

Mr Tafari led a series of workshops and discussions exploring poetry with our S5 pupils and S4 INDIE young leaders.

We thank Levi for spending the day with our young people. A special thank you also to the British Council for arranging the visit.




The following are examples of work completed by Shawlands Academy pupils following the British Council INDIE visit of poet Levi Tafari.





They were inspired by Levi Tafari’s talk to them about the significance of identity and name.
"My name is Vicky. My name means victory. This name always reminds me to be a successful person.
‘Yun Qi’ is my Chinese name. ‘Yun’ in Chinese means ‘delight’ and ‘ Qi’ means treasure. Although I don’t know why my mum gave me this name but I was guess my born bring happy to them and I am a treasure in their heart.
Yes, every child is a treasure in their parents heart, so that’s why I ‘m a delight treasure."
"Today I have met a writer his name was Levi Tafari. On the morning we had a meeting with him in the assembly hall. There he was talking about how difficult life can be.
Next we went to the library where he had showed us rest of his great poems."
Patrycja – a noble person
"My name is Amanda meaning she who must be loved. My name is Amanda and I am 17. I come from Poland.
Today morning was part of a performance by Shawlands Academy pupils and Mr Levi Tafari. First of all students sang songs. Next Mr Tafari told us about his poems. In my opinion they were great.
Later we were told to go to the library then he read us the rest of his poems. His poems were different that I have read before. Poems got their own rhythm that made the poems so special."
"It felt unusual to hear his poems. It was really incredible. His performance was awesome, amazing. I will go home and download all his poems!"
Amanda Gawlowska

"My name is Martina Tuzza and I was born 16 years ago in Italy. I moved to Glasgow three and a half years ago and I now live here with my parents and my older brother.

I like talking and meeting new people, even if sometimes I am shy until I get to know them. I‘m also polite and talkative. I‘m not really like the strong one as my name says as I don’t like to get involved with fights or look for ones."


"Meeting Levi Tafari was a real pleasure. When listening to him and the stories he has been through I was thinking how lucky he is, still living his life as normal. Those bullies didn’t change him or his personality at all."


Martina Tuzza




"The workshop was really good and I enjoyed my time. I agreed with what Levi was saying and I enjoyed when he was reading his poems.

Levi is a very good listener too and a very powerful speaker. I had a feeling that he got  a lot of points through to the audience and it got people thinking. Levi also showed that all poems aren’t the same and I usually don’t read poems but Levi showed that not all poems are boring and they can still have beats and rhythms."






"My name is Jonathan meaning son of God. I am 16 years old. I live with my parents and my two little brothers and sister who is only five years old. I love playing basketball and writing as well as reading books and eating."


"Meeting Mr Levi Tafari has been a good experience for me and he has inspired me to keep writing and doing what I love most. He made me understand that I shouldn’t just play the game of basketball in order to become rich and famous but to play because I love the game."




"I was very exited about meting with levi Tafari. His poems were awasdome an I really enjoyed the time that I spent listening and being part of his poetry. I look forward to reading all of them."


My name means : desired(pozadanie)


"The most interesting time of the day was questions about him and his poetry in the drama room. I didn’t realise that poetry was that good.

Levi Tafari creates a very effective way of writing his poems. I love that he speaks in rhythm."


Evelina Wnuk


"My name is Zeenat and it means ‘gorgeous’ and ‘decoration of the world’. I came from

Pakistan 6 years ago. I can speak three languages and they are Urdu, English and Punjabi."


"In the morning I really enjoyed your poems. They were fantastic. They were full of truth. You convinced me that every word you said was true. I found you really friendly, funny and kind. The best thing I liked about you was tat you know how to respect a woman."


"When you were telling us about when you have been treated badly we all felt really sad. Thank you for coming and thank you for making us all think."


Zeenat Bibi